We are ADinfinitum – literally.

We’re an independent agency that can offer you no end of advertising and marketing solutions.

Our ethos.

We believe the idea is king and craft is everything.

What makes us tick.

We pride ourselves on our original thinking, ideas and an ability to keep it simple.

We pride ourselves on the level of craft and attention to detail that we put into everything we do.

And we also pride ourselves on our honesty. We owe it to all of our clients to deliver work that’s on time and on budget.

The money bit.

We’re honest about costs too. We’re not a big agency and don’t charge big agency prices.

A promise.

We’ll always give you work that any agency would be proud of.

How we get there.

'Strategy' is one of those big words that get used by everyone. For us, strategy is simply a selling plan for saying the right thing to the right people at the right time.

When you think about it like this, strategy doesn’t begin and end with advertising. Brands are selling themselves all the time and our brand strategy approach ensures all aspects of the brand are saying and doing the right things to generate sales.

We create data-led ideas for brands; ideas that transform product names into always-on selling tools.

We write short, concrete brand strategies in plain English and express them as creative platforms. These platforms act as creative springboards and calls to action for employees. They are practical and can be put to work immediately.

Our Brand Strategy team uses data to provide three key services: Insight, Planning and Innovation.

The nitty-gritty.

Tight, experienced and multi-award winning team.

Offices in England and North America.

Fully independently owned.

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